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  • 作者: 陳炳宏 阿媞 (著)
  • 學科分類: 哲學類
  • 書籍分類: 哲學
  • 出版社: 樂果文化
  • 出版地:台灣
  • 出版日期:2012
  • 語文:繁體中文
  • ISBN/識別號:9789865983246





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  • 內容簡介
  • 目錄
  「叩問生命- 生命的答案誰知道?」英文簡介
  The meaning of life: Answers to life from immortal Self by Bing-Hong, Chen and Arte
  Book description:
  “I have spent years and years looking for the answers to life, however, when that moment I gave up looking for, suddenly, all the answers to life emerged in my mind. I began to realize that, when I stopped taking any ego thought, it turned out that all the answers to life surging out from the depth of immortal Self power. At that time, from the vision of my eyes, everybody on the street was in a human form with his perfect Buddha-nature glowing deep inside. And I knew that, it had changed my life forever” – from Bing-Hong, Chen, the author.
  He is a man with a form of human existence, but in a state of non-human Mind and Wisdom beyond comprehension. She is desperate searching for the truth about life. After her lifelong quest for a fulfilling spirituality, they met each other...
  This was a beginning of an extraordinary Self-reviving journey...
  The result is this significant book, The meaning of life: Answers to life from immortal Self, unprecedented contents of spiritual teaching destined to change human history.
  The essence of this book was from Buddha-nature, not from any knowledge of this world. This book is to help people lay down their old habit and practice of any knowledge, and to guide them to revive their inner Buddha-nature, or God-nature, or Self power to life. Decode the profound and esoteric meanings of life: Why is human being the noblest form of life on earth? Why have been all these years many ascended masters and advanced souls from outer space conveying important messages through the psychics to the Earth?
  What are the relations between sickness, body, money and Self power?...
  A book of inconceivability, a spiritual guidance for Self-reviving. This immensely powerful book talks to your inner Self directly. Do not read it with your head, but with your Mind. Do not absorb it with any study, but straight from the Heart.