From Text to Talk:Taiwan in Simple English

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The book is comprised of 12 units of interesting articles that introduces Taiwan from different perspectives, including geographical position; cultural customs; life of the daily basis; historical background; and its present development. This book aims to teach readers everything from Taiwan in fairly simple English. After you are equipped with the basic knowledge of English vocabulary, it will show you how to talk about Taiwan without having to use many complicated, difficult expressions. As you read with the book, you will begin to understand how to use a simple form of English to talk about, not just Taiwan, but anything! Each unit of the book is divided into four sections that serve different functions.lIt begins with a few short passages that provide information about Taiwan in various subjects; such as religion, culture, language, economy, and history. . .etc.lThe section follows these passages is the quiz directly comes from the subjects above, which help to test your reading comprehension.lIn Conversation, two to three persons will talk about the subjects from the passages. The lively contents and smooth conversations can foster your ability in oral practices.lFinally, the Reading section will provide you different stories about experiences from other countries. It helps develop a brand new perspective of how other countries’cultures are different from the one you is familiar in Taiwan. By reading this book, you will have the opportunity to take a better look at Taiwan this beautiful island, with even greater surprises: learning English can be fun and easy!